Get your bips ☟ Down to Earth ★ with Molotov & Mozaic

zaterdag 25 mei 2019
20:00 uur


Wolpop will organize an international club night together with our favorite person (and DJ) Petrol Molotov.

Get your bips ☟
Down to Earth

DJ Petrol Molotov

Balkan Beats tot diep in de nacht. Klinkt als: bouncy bass lines, badass raggamuffin, retro electro mashups, global bass, dancehall reggae, ghetto swing, electrocumbia and balkan jungle.


Brazilian bossa nova, Gypsy swing, Afrobeat, American funk, Colombian electro, Turkish disco and more… A collection of tasty tracks from different places during different times, mingled with some modern beats now and then. A colorful mosaic of groovy tunes from our interconnecting dynamic planet.


Dit evenement vond plaats op Sociëteit Novum.

Verwersdijk 102
2611 NK, Delft

015 212 15 16