Nowee Bandavond

vrijdag 9 maart 2012
20:00 uur

Op zoek naar een goede vrijdagavondbesteding? Mama Franko zal rond de klok van 22u hun melting pot van roots reggae ska en meer laten horen. Daarna zal reggae soundsystem Apache Sound de rest van de avond vullen met relaxte toontjes.

Mama Franko

Mama Franko business means party is coming to town! A crew of eight musicians blend their different backgrounds into a surprising adventure which will leave your feet dancing. Reggae, Ska, Hiphop, Funk and Balkan are the main ingredients in this explosive musical cocktail. Think of summer, adventurous trips into the unknown and friendships stronger then brother bonds – the music is always danceable and uplifting. Celebrating life has never sounded so good! Every performance Mama Franko drives the audience wild with their infectious energy. Pounding drums, pumping bass, manic guitars, a berserk brass section, rap philosophies and seducing vocals. This absurd combination forces every audience into a partying frenzy. Mama Franko and their swinging and fun filled tunes are a welcome guest at lots of festivals throughout Holland (a.o. MADness, Amsterdams Studenten Festival, Bevrijdingsfestival) , and the band also performed twice at the dutch poptemple Paradiso. With their first EP ‘Let’s Celebrate Life! (2014)’ freshly released, the band is taking a new and confident step in gaining an even larger foothold in the Dutch festival scene – and further.

Apache Sound

Apache Sound is an allround regge soundsystem from The Hague area (The Netherlands). In early 2004, Mr Rough Apache, MC Nes One and selector Big Lion decided to start their own soundsystem. Inspired by many artists, sounds, and the reggae soundsystem movement, they initiated Apache Sound and promised to remain loyal to the red, gold and green sounds. The name ‘Apache Sound’ was coined by Nes One in the 90′s. Apache Sound has specialized in presenting the diversity of styles within reggae music. Roots reggae, ragga, rub-a-dub, vintage, ska and dancehall tunes are mixed together according to the tradition of the Jamaican style sound. This all happens in a soundsystem setting: a Disc Jockey accompanied by a Microphone Chanter.


Dit evenement vond plaats op Sociëteit Novum.

Verwersdijk 102
2611 NK, Delft

015 212 15 16